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If there is anything you would like to more about, Please drop us a text and we'll get in touch with you within 48 hours.
WhatsApp: +91-8888-312-811
Email: nagarsekargs2018 [@] email [dot] iimcal [dot] ac [dot] in

Privacy Policy

We have a very strict no non-sense privacy policy. We get your email address whenever you sign-up to our newsletter or app. We will never share this email id with any external person or organization.

If you have signed up for the news letter, we will use it to send you our free analysis pieces whenever we publish them. 

Returns & Refund Policy

We share a digital product, and you get access to all of our analysis at one go. As a result of the same,  we have a strict no-returns, no-refund policy. Please go through our offering properly and pay only when you are sure you want to join. We have provided lower priced samplers for folks who are not sure about the purchase decision.

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