GSN Invest Elite ZappChai Partnership Program

GSN Invest EZPP details:

At GSN Invest we believe in the value of partnering with high-quality professionals to create value for the GSN Invest community. If you'd like to collaborate with us on articles read by our fast growng userbase including portfolio managers and senior investment bankers, do apply. We add names of all EZPP partners here and provide credits and links to LinkedIn profiles on all articles you collaborate with us on.

We also have options for anonymous contributions.

The EZPP Team

Manu Jindal [In]

Manu is a graduate from IIM Calcutta, currently working with Airtel Labs. He writes about Payments & New Tech at ZappChai.

Jayaditya Sirasani [In]

Jayaditya is a graduate from IIM Calcutta, working with Accenture Strategy. He writes about Tech, Media, & Telecom at ZappChai.

Chhavi Chadha [In]

Chhavi is a graduate from SPJIMR, currently working with RBL. She writes about Banking & Financials at ZappChai.

Aayush Jhawar [In]

Aayush is a graduate from SPJIMR, currently working with  BCG. He writes about Fiscal & Monetary policy at ZappChai.

Raunak Bhiwal

Raunak is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, currently working with Ninjacart. He wrote about Startups at ZappChai.

Venkata Devarapalli [In]

Venkata is a graduate from IIM Calcutta currently working with Crisil. He writes about Macroeconomic policy at ZappChai 

Vamsi Gorthi [In]

Vamsi is a graduate from JBIMS currently working with EY. He writes about Power, RE, and Infra at ZappChai.

Prakhar Gupta [In]

Prakhar is a graduate from IIM Calcutta, currently working with Yes Bank. He writes about Banking and Financials at ZappChai.

Neha Jha [In]

Neha is a graduate from Nanyang Business School currently working with Radicali. She writes about macro econ issues at ZappChai

Priyanka Iyer [In]

Priyanka is a graduate from the Asian College of Journalism and has worked with BTVI. She writes about Telecom at ZappChai.

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