the bharat bet

by Ganesh S. Nagarsekar
Image by BP Miller

15-25% of PORTFOLIO

Distribution, Trust, and Efficiency driven monopolies capturing India's free cash flow pool.

Image by Ayaneshu Bhardwaj

15-25% of PORTFOLIO

Banks, NBFCs, Insurance and Investment firms benefit as a growing proportion of India's investments get financialized

Image by Chitto Cancio

15-25% of PORTFOLIO

Rising policy focus, purchasing power and aspiration to drive India's bottom of pyramid demand growth

Image by Tbel Abuseridze

10-20% of PORTFOLIO

A perfect brew of growing market size, technology driven low cost base & operating leverage and network effect driven moats

Image by Lalit Kumar

10-20% of PORTFOLIO

Pharma, Chemicals, Contract Manufacturing and Information technology firms that benefit from India's booming export opportunity

Image by Serhiy Hipskyy

10-20% of PORTFOLIO

Aspiring middle class spending more on lifestyle products, fast fashion, consumer appliances, automobiles and improved housing

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0-10% of PORTFOLIO

More Indian women entering the work-force enhances disposable income and time paucity growing packaged foods, restaurant, domestic appliance, cosmetic and fast fashion demand

Image by Yash Bhardwaj

0-10% of PORTFOLIO

Growing infrastructure spend, power generation and transmission capacity, and more connected transportation spend to boost Indian infra growth

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0-10% of PORTFOLIO

Both public and private focus on preventive and curative healthcare driven by better insurance cover to drive growth

In order to drive a comprehensive onboarding process we will be on-boarding only 10 customers/month in our first year .

The product is ideal for clients with an equity portfolio above 25 lakhs

Fixed Annual fee: Rs 50,000 + GST (Rs 59,000)

In order to o

Decadal Themes:
9 decadal themes drive underlying portfolio growth

Robust Framework:
Free cash-flow growth and longevity based framework

Strong Conviction:
<20 stocks; <20% churn; high active share

Capital Preservation:
Forensic accounting & valuation discipline

Ownership Mindset:
Long term business owner partnership approach

Personalized Assistance:
One on one onboarding; Direct contact with Ganesh

Connect Sessions:
Quarterly video sessions to discuss portfolio & queries